Our meditation today shall be on a biblical prescription as to what to do when confused and perplexed.

And the Lord said to Moses, “Why do you cry to Me? Tell the children of Israel to go forward. – Exodus 14:15

Sometimes the pursuits of our aspirations land us at unexpected intersections and dead-ends, which leave us wondering what to do, where to go and how to proceed. This was where the Israelites found themselves one fateful day, on their way to the land of freedom after hundreds of years in servitude.

They must have felt elated when Pharaoh eventually granted them freedom. There must have been springs under their feet as they marched to the Promised Land. But, alas, after some hours of journeying, they came face to face with a mass of water, the Red Sea, and there was no skirting it to the right or left.

Immediately their joy turned to gloom. As if that wasn’t enough, they saw Pharaoh and his army advancing ferociously toward them. Their gloom became loud wailing. They were in a big fix: the Red Sea sprawled ominously before them and the Egyptian army closing in on them by the minutes. That seemed to be the end of it all for them.

They cried out at Moses, who in turn called upon God, and guess what the LORD said? “Go forward!” Moses must have wondered if he heard God correctly, go forward? March into the raging ocean? How? Why? Isn’t that sure death in itself?

But God told him in clear term to look nowhere, but march forward. So, with his rod lifted up, forward they went. Then guess what? The Red Sea parted for them!

That is often the case with some of us. There is always a tendency to want to side-step or turn back when we get stuck or find ourselves in a conundrum in the course of pursuing our goals. But that often do not prove to be a wise move. The best course to take is to go forward, not sideway or backward. Forward you go until you breakthrough; forward you go unto victory. Greatness, success and significance are always ahead, but you have to press onward tirelessly before you can hit them. So, when confusion sets in or you get perplexed with the size of what you have to do, don’t stop and don’t drop it, simply go forward!

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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