We Can Do Hard Things

My family and I recently returned from a trip to Utah. During the trip, we spent much of our time at a beautiful lake near the Bear River Mountains. One day our group planned various hikes through the majestic mountains with rugged terrain and peaks that soared to nearly 10,000 feet.

With a pregnant wife and three young children, my family decided we’d stick to the flat, even surfaced three-quarter-mile hike. However, at the last minute, we decided to try the somewhat steep and rocky 8-mile hike-just to see how far we could make it before turning back. To my surprise, and with my 2-year-old son in arms nearly the entire trip, our family completed the eight-mile hike together.

In life, we are often faced with challenges and opportunities that are difficult and often seem impossible. However, our potential and capacity is amazing. Many times we underestimate or do not realize what we can do. Many times we put self-imposed limits on ourselves and fail to venture to the unknown or dare to do the impossible.

Whether it’s fear, a lack of confidence, complacency, or other reasons, we often hold back and do not push ourselves. For some reason, somewhere along our life journey, we begin to believe we cannot do hard things. I have learned through this hiking experience and other life adventures and challenges though, that we can do hard things. We can do things that are beyond our own wildest imaginations if we allow ourselves to believe and try.

At the beginning of the day, I never believed my family could or would complete the trip. I thought it would be too difficult for us, but we did it. It wasn’t always easy and at times I doubted we’d make it all the way but we did. And, because we did, we were able to view some of the most spectacular images and enjoy the peace and serenity of the mountains. We saw wildflowers blooming in colorful, luscious fields, majestic peaks soaring high above us in the air, a buck scampering across the snow in search of food, and a calm crystal-clear hidden lake.

The reward for our efforts was beauty and tranquillity all around us as well as a great sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. And for my 5 and 6-year-olds who walked the entire trip on their own, they can look back on this experience often and feel good about who they are and what they can achieve.

So what rewards are we missing because we are unwilling to do hard things? And why do we deny ourselves the incredible sense of satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from achieving difficult tasks? Our potential is great and each of us has the capacity to do great things. Let’s stop holding back and start believing that we can do hard things!

By Tim Burningham

Meditation: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. – Philippians 4:13

You will succeed because Jesus loves You!

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