Here is a conclusion of our meditation on understanding God, particular with regards to how He sees, perceives, analyses and judges a matter.

For the Lord does not see as man sees; for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.
– 1 Samuel 16:7

Here are the applications of this knowledge about the perception of God to people and things:

In your relationship with God, and in your service to Him, knowing that He is more particular about why you are doing what you do will liberate you from falling into the trap of becoming impressionistic by putting on a show or playing up to people’s expectations of you, as against God’s requirements.

Therefore, when you find yourself in church or other gatherings of believers, the way you dance, the way you worship, what you say, and your general conducts will have a deeper meaning to you, since you are aware that while some people may be impressed by your spirituality or displeased by the lack of it, what they think or say has little effect in the eyes of God who knows the motive behind your actions. And, in your service, knowing that what you do may have no particular impression on God, if it is not done from a sincere heart, can be a liberating factor for you; not minding that people are hailing you for it.

Having a working knowledge of this insight can also help you in the way you live and do things. Knowing that God is never deceived will help you to be true to yourself in whatever you do or say. Even if such does not make you popular among people, you would have derived greater satisfaction from the fact that you are on the same page with God motive-wise. And even if you are misunderstood and vilified initially, staying true to yourself will eventually make you come across as a sincere person.

In your relationship with others, a knowledge of this perception of God will help to put a rein on your saying and deeds toward others, no matter the degree of your intimacy with them. Since you know that God is not particularly thrilled by what you say or do to people, but He is conscious of why and how you say/do it.

If you take God’s perspective into cognisance in all your dealings with fellow humans, you will find that you are less impulsive, less abrasive, more restrained, more thoughtful, and more sincere in your relationships and interactions. And there are no surer routes to maturity than those.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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