Sanctify them by Your truth. Your word is truth. John 17:17

From time, man has always searched for the truth about various phenomena of life. This ageless search has propelled innumerable expeditions and researches that resulted in various discoveries and inventions across the years.

As humans, there are many issues we grapple with which necessitate our attempt to know and understand so that we can manage them better. And in this internet age, there is plenty information on any subject, ranging from the mundane to the most complex. However, there are also many misleading information out there that could put one literally off-course or result in making a wrong call.

In the passage above, Jesus, while praying for His followers, asked that God should sanctify them with His truth. Then He elaborated on what “truth” is; saying it is the word of God.

God has been around more than anyone living today. He has seen it all; from the primitive time when man had to depend on stone and other crude tools for civilization to this present jet age; God reigns and His word remains the abiding truth on any life issue.

The Bible is one resource that has defied its age. Albeit the years the books in it were documented, their tenets are still relevant in all human scenarios. So, if you are searching for the truth on any matter, you need not look far away, reach for your Bible’s concordance and read what God has to say about it. And when you’ve found it, hold fast to it.

No matter what you read or hear anywhere on a given phenomenon if such information contradicts what the Bible says about it, then it is not the truth. ‘Let God the true and every man a liar.’

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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