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I’m so busy that I spend the first three hours of my day praying – Martin Luther king

It was reported that 10 years after the death of EW Kenyon, nobody could come close to his war room (prayer closest). The devil has no business with men on the altar who have no prayer life.

A lady once said to me, “Ceph! I’ve lost the fire of prayer.” I said to her, “Go down on your knees right now and start praying.” She said, “I’m about going out for business.” Then I said to her, “This is the problem, God is not first!”

The devil may never attack a Christian’s study life, but would do all to stop the praying Christian.

Prayer is not the vehicle for the change, prayer is the Change. Everything will remain at rest until an external force acts on it, that external force is the force of prayer. I can change the decisions of the king, I can turn the hand of the clock, I can change your opinion if I can pray.

Demons will have an upper hand in our societies, our homes, our churches and even our finances when we don’t pray.

Quoters of the word will agree with me that there are impossibilities despite their depth of God’s word and it’s so because there is no prayer life. The Lord said to me, “Ceph the secret of a successful ministry is first prayer.”

We can’t lead the people to His presence until we come out from His presence. Prayer is the greater work. Men on knees; destines on feet. To a reasonable and high degree, the success or failures of a man are traceable to the degree of his prayer life.

Whosoever asks, receives. They don’t receive because they don’t ask. Men ought always to pray.

Meditation: Then He spoke a parable to them, that men always ought to pray and not lose heart. – Luke 18:1

You will succeed in Jesus Name!


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