Purpose: Sent to the Oppressed

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me…He has sent Me…to set at liberty those who are oppressed;
Luke 4:18

The oppressed are another group for whom Jesus came to earth. He announced in the passage above that He came to set them at liberty so that they too can enjoy the benefits of living and aspire to self-actualisation like every other person. Just as Jesus came for these people, likewise are a number of individuals living today called to the oppressed; to rescue and set them at liberty.

People found themselves in oppression for various reasons, because of their sins, wrong choices, poverty, less-privileged background, ignorance of their rights, weak personality, among other factors. Whatever the reason may be, God does not desire that anyone die in oppression and subjection. He was concerned enough that this should not be the case; hence His sending Jesus Christ to their rescue. Even before Jesus came, God had always called certain individuals who were willing enough to fight for the liberation of the oppressed; and with the departure of Jesus, God is still calling willing individuals to fulfil this calling.

A wanton subjection of another or oppression of any kind is an injustice; because God did not create any man to dominate other men. On the contrary, He created man to exercise dominion over every other creature He made. Oppression is one of the devil’s distortions of divine order at the fall of mankind. But God never wanted it, and it doesn’t have to be.

Do you get greatly disturbed seeing people being cheated, denied or subjected to any form of inhuman treatment? Perhaps, you were called to the oppressed. It is easy for people with this particular calling to conclude that they presently have no clout or wherewithal to make a difference. That is one of the lies the devil uses to dissuade such people from fulfilling their calling. The truth is, you can always do something with what you have and where you are. As long as you can talk, write, or express your sentiment in other ways, you are equipped to do something.

No matter how little, take steps to confront oppression and injustice and you will be amazed at how God can back someone who dares to stand up for Him.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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