The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me…He has sent Me…to proclaim liberty to the captives
Luke 4:18

Among other noble missions, Jesus also came because of the captives; He came to set them free; He came to proclaim an end to their captivity and declare their new lease of life as free people. Some of us are similarly called.

People found themselves in captivity for various reasons, some out of ignorance, some due to circumstances beyond their control, some became lawful captives because of their sins, and some are held captive through the forceful will of others. Whichever it is, captivity is not a desirable state; being a captive limit one’s options and restricts one’s liberty, as the captive is always at the mercy of the captor.

Meanwhile, God did not create any of us to be captive to people or circumstances. He desires us to operate in our full stature, with no hold or bar. We are most useful to Him and fellow humans in our free state. But, seeing that humans by their own doing or external factors sometimes became captive and restricted, He had to send Jesus to wreak a once-for-all freedom for man among other works of deliverance. Jesus came to effect liberty from taskmasters, from oppressive systems, and from inimical phenomena such as poverty, societal pressures and forms of restraint.

Are you greatly disturbed seeing people confined to the barest by others or circumstances such that they are underperforming or living below their potential? To some, this may not be a big deal; but, if the mere thought of it bothers you and the actual exposure to it throws you into a fit, then you might have been called to collaborate with Jesus in tackling the problem headlong.

If injustice or oppression of any kind nauseates you, you do not necessarily need a platform to fulfil your calling. You only need to start from where you are and God will back you.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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