For the Son of Man has come to seek and to save that which was lost.
Luke 19:10

Here is another purpose of Jesus Christ – He came on a mission to find people who are lost and to save them. His mission to the lost is not a passive, but a proactive and continuous one. He came to actively seek them out and to offer them the free gift of salvation leading to eternal life.

This is a two-pronged calling, on the one hand, He came to seek; on the other hand, He came to save those He found.

The lost are those who do not know God or have a going relationship with Him. By default, these people are candidates for eternal damnation if they perchance die in their ungodly state. It is so that this does not happen that Jesus came to seek them wherever they were and reconcile them to their Maker so that they can become children of God indeed. And, having done His bit in the space of three years that He executed His landmark ministry on earth, He commissioned His disciples to continue the work and not just stop where He stopped, but go to all parts of the world to seek the lost and share the good news of His coming, His death and His resurrection with them so that they too can believe on Him and be saved.

The mission to seek and save the lost is a Christian calling. It is not for the clergies or a particular set of individuals alone. It is part of the default assignments that come with becoming born again and disciples of Jesus Christ. Every follower of Christ is called to be a fisher of men; a disciple of Jesus is mandated to make other disciples. Fulfilling other purposes does not excuse the non-fulfilment of this calling. It is our great commission.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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