For the Son of Man did not come to destroy men’s lives but to save them.
Luke 9:56

Jesus proclaimed one of his missions on earth in the passage above: He came to save lives. He did not come to destroy, endanger or whittle down the lives of people; He came to save them. He is a life-saver, not a life-destroyer. Many people are likewise called to this mandate.

Human life is the most precious thing on earth, next to life in order of importance is health. To the people who carry this mandate, preserving the sanctity of life gives the ultimate satisfaction, and they would stop at nothing to prevent an endangered life from dying or rescue a death-bound life from letting out the last breath.

These people could be in the medical or related fields – that is those who subscribed to a career there out of genuine interest in preserving life, not for the social status associated with the profession. They are also found in other disciplines that afford them the facility to directly impact on life.

If you are one of these people, yours is a noble calling. It is a well-resounded fact that humans are the greatest asset around, but that is a living and healthy human resource. Once life and health are endangered, the human cannot be at his/her best. Therefore, anyone who is actively engaged in helping humans to live and sustain an existence is partnering with God and Jesus.

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Another angle to this calling is helping people to avoid the second death and, ultimately, the lake of fire at the end of times. There are people with an unusual burden for souls such that they cannot afford not to preach the gospel of Christ.

Jesus successfully fulfilled the two callings: He prevented many ailing people from dying by healing their diseases; He also raised many dead people back to life; and to cap it all, He ministered the word of life to innumerable people to save their souls from destruction. What an amazing man!

He has set the example for us. The onus now rests on us to get on our calling and make a similar success of it, knowing that we have His full backing.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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