Purpose: Sent to Execute God’s Will

For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.
John 6:38

Among other missions, Jesus also came to execute the will of God. He came to ensure that the counsel of God on every matter is upheld and the pleasures of God are consummated.

God’s will is an indicator of the opinion of God on any matter. There is no middle course with God. He has an opinion about every issue under heaven, and this His bias can also be called His will. God has a will concerning living, attitude, career and business, marriage, as well as other forms of being and social interactions. It is this will that Jesus came to fulfil.

He did not come to lord the will of God over His people; He actually came to acquaint us with what God’s will is by unveiling them in His teachings, parables and miracles. He reached out to the lost that God wanted them saved; He told the confused that God wanted them to have clarity; He assured the blind that God wanted them to see; He helped the infirm to appreciate that God wanted them whole, and He helped the poor to understand that God had no delight in their misery, but is very passionate about their success. He ministered to various life situations, and by so doing established the will of God concerning such matters. He did not do what God wouldn’t do or wouldn’t want to be done. He only instituted the counsel of God, with no vestige of personal agenda. He was a worthy Ambassador of God.

Just like Jesus, there are a number of individuals called to enforce the will of God on earth. These people are usually knowledgeable about the Bible, which contains the whole counsel of God, and they go to a great length to inform, enlighten and persuade others as to how to access God and operate in compliance with His will.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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