Surely He has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; – Isaiah 53:4

Captured in the Bible verse above is another important assignment of Jesus Christ on earth: He came to bear the griefs and sorrows of humankind. He came to take what is causing pain and sadness in our lives in exchange for a better deal. He came to offer us a better exchange, replacing gloom with joy, lack with abundance, grief with laughter, and a loser mentality with a winning one, among others.

Man plummeted to an unimaginable low after the fall in the Garden of Eden, whilst every indulgence in sin afterwards further sinks us in estate and increases the resistance to our progress. But God’s agenda has never been for us to operate at reduced capacity, that was why He had to send Jesus to come restore us to the heights He had planned for us from the beginning of time. And if we must attain such heights, then such weights as grief, depression, guilt, sorrows, sin-consciousness and others must be set aside (Hebrews 12:1), so that we are free to soar and glorify God in the process.

Now this is better said than done because while it is natural to fall into sin and experience its debilitating effects, it takes a supernatural process to wiggle out of the entanglements of sin and operate above it. It is that supernatural task, which humans cannot undertake themselves, that Jesus came to do on our behalf, taking up our misery and shame and passing on to us His joy and glory.

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He took our sins upon Himself and bore all the condemnation for them at the cross so that we are not hindered by their earthly nemesis nor face their eternal consequences. That way, we can live to our fullest potential on earth and still be with our Father in heaven when the earth is no more.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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