Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.
– Matthew 5:17

Perhaps, to the surprise of His listeners who had craved a new world order and had hoped He would be the catalyst of that, Jesus declared that He came to earth, not to abolish the existing laws and the ancient writs of the prophets, but to enforce them. In other words, He did not come to scuttle the system, but to uphold it; not to disparage the tradition, but to sustain it. Some of us are also called to do this.

There are individuals with a natural tendency to ensure that the tradition, culture, and standards of a system are strictly upheld. These people are not necessarily leaders, but they make a great support system for any leader. They are the dreamed allies of every leader; in fact, they make a leader great. They are good managers, supervisors, subordinates or ardent followers. Career-wise, they will also make great enforcers of the law, activists or campaigners.

Do you often feel disturbed seeing standards and norms being flouted around you? Does the desecration of the system’s culture bother you? Perhaps, you are one of those created to set us right. Interestingly, individuals with this calling are usually labelled conservative, old school and sorts by the carefree. Conservative, yes; because they are here to help us conserve our heritage and beauties. But they are appropriately called the purist. We are largely indebted to them for the preservation of the historical records and artefacts we have around today.

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Are you one of them? Then happy are the people around you because you will be their natural conscience. Don’t mind the criticism; only be true to God, yourself, your people, and your world. Very soon, they will come to appreciate you.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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