For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…”
Mark 10:45

Here is another purpose of Jesus Christ, from His own mouth – He came to serve. Now, isn’t that a contrast to the first purpose we meditated on in this series? Then, we saw that He came to lead. Now, we are reading Him saying that He also came, NOT TO BE SERVED, but to serve.

This establishes two things: Firstly, even as we have established at the outset and is unfolding in subsequent editions, all the purposes of mankind are encapsulated in Jesus. Secondly, Jesus was created to lead and to serve. That means there is no leadership without service; the two go hand in hand. But, considering this in a literary sense, Jesus came to serve, and so are many of us today.

Although, this may not sound palatable, very few people are called to lead – maybe, using the 80/20 rule, about 20% of humanity are called to lead; while the rest people in the 80% bracket are meant to fulfil their own calling by supporting and serving them in various capacities.

On the other hand, leadership is also contextual; as one may be called to lead in certain places and still function as a subordinate or follower in another context. An example of this is in a church setting where the overseer is usually the leader. But there could be heads of government, heads of organisations and dignitaries in other setup attending that church, who are leaders of people in their own right. In the church, these people are subject to the pastor; but, in their own calling, people are subject to them.

Meanwhile, there are people who are at home receiving orders from others and being told what to do. There are people who would feel extremely frustrated when put in a pole position with the responsibility of leading and directing others. There are people who derive great joy working behind the scene as part of a leader’s support system, making him look great to the world. If any of these describes you, perhaps, you are called to serve.

Now, this is not a thing of shame; it is a blessed calling (Acts 20:35). The key is to be true to yourself and do your best to fulfil your calling, because God will not bless you or demand accountability from you based on the title of your calling, but on account of what you do with it.

Many delude themselves about their calling, holding that they are meant to lead others; whereas they are better suited serving a leader whose assignment resonates with their own inclination. Most people in this situation end up doing nothing and leaving no imprint whatsoever anywhere. That will not be your portion.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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