Purpose: Created to Illuminate

He is a light to reveal God to the nations…Luke 2:32 (NLT)

Here is one of the missions of Jesus Christ. He came as a light to reveal God to the people. His whole ministry and life on earth were centred on this focal purpose – to re-introduce God to the people, so that they are acquainted with His nature, His thinking, His ways, His will, His modus operandi, His likes and preferences, as well His displeasures. Some of us are called to this same assignment.

The people created with this mission tag usually have a great burden for souls and are passionate to see those who are yet to become saved or receive Christ. This calling is crystallised in mission workers and evangelists who go out of their ways or comfort zones to minister God to unbelievers, helping them to appreciate the difference between the living God and whatever they might have been worshipping hitherto; helping them to understand the better package that is inherent in subscribing to the living God, as against wasting time on worthless idols.

Are you bothered seeing people who do not know the true God or who are misrepresenting Him? Do you get agitated seeing people living as if there is no God? Do you feel like sitting such people down and teaching them about God so that they can appreciate His existence and real nature? Would you go to any length to impart the knowledge of God to people? If these describe you, perhaps, you might have been called as one of the rare breed of individuals who are sworn to spotlight God to people; the torchbearers leading the way to God.

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They are usually found in the clergy, but they do not necessarily need to be ordained as clergy to fulfil their assignment. They are the ones consciously fulfilling the Great Commission to go into the world and make them disciples of Christ. If you are passionate about revealing God to people, you are called to be an illuminator.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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