I will put My Spirit upon Him, and He will declare justice to the Gentiles.
– Matthew 12:18

One of the purposes Jesus came to execute on earth was reaching out to the Gentiles. A Gentile is anyone who is not a Jew. At a point in history, God called out Abraham, the ancestor of the Jews, to Himself, and ordained him and his descendants for intimate fellowship. God entered a covenant with Abraham, with terms and benefits, and He subsequently related mostly with the children of Abraham – the Jews.

Because of His intimacy with them, God also placed a strict regime of conducts on the Jews so that they would not get too familiar with Him and would maintain an enabling state for intimacy. The Jews were also forbidden from mingling with the peoples of other nationalities – the Gentiles, so they don’t become compromised. Therefore, in the divine order then, anyone who was not a Jew was an outcast. Such a person had no part in the Abrahamic covenant and its benefits. Meanwhile, it was possible to become a Jew by naturalisation, but the requirements were so stringent.

At a point in time, even the Jews themselves lost connection with God and became outcasts in His reckoning. Jesus then had to come, among other reasons, to reconcile the estranged Jews and the willing Gentiles to God. So that they can all be part of the new commonwealth of Israel and be beneficiaries of all the privileges reserved for the Jews alone.

In other words, we can say Jesus came to reach out to the outcasts and offer them the privileges of a royal born. He came to remove the wall of partition that had hitherto blocked the Gentiles from the knowledge of God and His benefits. He came to give the outcasts a sense of belonging. Some of us are also created for this same purpose – with a burden to reach out to the oppressed, the denied and the cast-away and offer them succour.

Do you feel disturbed seeing injustice meted out to anyone or a group of people who do not have a say? Do you become worried when you see people being marginalised? Do you have a mind of doing good to all without leaving anyone out? Perhaps, you are one of these people. If you can confidently say you are, then this should not be a mere head knowledge; you need to start doing something about it. And if you are already doing that, then please don’t stop.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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