Purpose: Anointed to Enrich the Poor

The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He has anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor;
Luke 4:18

This is Jesus confirming the prophecy that Isaiah had made concerning Him hundreds of years before that time (Isaiah 61). This tells us Jesus was also sent to the poor. Poverty can be terrible; it is debilitating and robs life of its meaning. The poor are always at the mercy of other people. They have no say among their peers and no matter how brilliant they may be, their ideas are quickly invalidated by their wretchedness. May you not be poor; and if you had been, may you not return there in Jesus Name.

The poor are described as people who lack money or material possessions, inferior, having little skill or ability, inadequate, weak, deficient, lacking productive potential, and deserving pity. These are no palatable state. However, there is hope for the poor. We see from the above passage that Jesus also came for them; He came to preach the gospel to them. He came to offer them hope and comfort. He came to be the solution to their problems. He came to lift them from the dunghill to prominence and change their status. Some of us are called to do the same.

Those who are partners of Jesus in this calling often find themselves disturbed by human depravity of any kind and they take conscious steps to correct such anomaly. They may not necessarily be rich themselves, but they have the wherewithal to enrich others (2 Corinthians 6:10). Their own wealth is not accurately measured by how much they have, but by how many people they have been able to enrich. And in expending the little they have to help the poor, God will continue to increase their resources so that they are able to do more and help more people.

The natural tendency is to oppress and deny the poor, and to esteem oneself better than them. But for those assigned to them, they look beyond their present situation to what they can be. And whereas others are denying or ignoring them, these missionaries are engaged offering them opportunities that will help them to improve their lot.

If you are one of those dedicated to empowering the poor; do not count your blessing by how much you have; your blessing is rightly measured by how many people you have been able to raise.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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