If a Lizard Can, Why Can’t We?

This real-life story happened in Japan. In order to renovate the house, a Japanese man broke open the wall. Japanese houses normally have a hollow space between the wooden walls. When tearing down the walls, he found that there was a lizard stuck there, because a nail from outside had been hammered into one of its feet.

On seeing this, he felt pity, and at the same time curiosity. When he checked the nail, he discovered it was nailed five years ago, when the house was built!

What could have happened?

The lizard had survived in such a position for five years! In a dark wall partition for five years without moving, it was mind-boggling. Then he wondered how this lizard had survived for five years without moving a single inch since its foot was impaled! So he stopped his work and observed the lizard, to see what it had been doing, and how it was feeding.

Later, not knowing from where it came from, there appeared another lizard with food in its mouth.

He was stunned and touched deeply.

For the lizard that was impaled by the nail, another lizard had been feeding it for the past five years. And it had been doing that untiringly for five long years, without giving up hope on its partner. Imagine what that small creature did, that creatures blessed with intellect cannot do.


Many Christians have abandoned their homes and their loved ones because of financial reasons and inability to see into the future. That Lizard had hopes that one day help would come and its friend shall be delivered. It took five years of waiting for help to arrive. Help came because Hope can never be put to shame.

Never abandon your first love and loved ones. Don’t turn your back on people because they are in difficulty. Don’t see yourself as more intelligent or the best. You may be luckier today, but life is uncertain and things can change tomorrow.

A moment of negligence might break the very heart which loved you against all odds. God created space within our fingers so that we can hold hands. Be there for somebody today.

— Author Unknown

Meditation: A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another. – John 13:34

You will succeed because Jesus loves You!

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