A gracious woman retains honor, But ruthless men retain riches. – Proverbs 11:16

Success means different things to different people; the same way the mode of approaching it is different from one individual to another, not minding the myriads of literature in the public domain on how to achieve it.

There are two angles to success; the first is exploring how to accomplish it and, the second, how to sustain it. Achieving success in life might seem a very arduous feat that places a lot of demand on one. That is rightly so, as not everyone can lay claim to being successful. However, sustaining success at whatever level is more demanding than the process of achieving it.

The passage above gives us an insight on how to sustain success so it doesn’t slip out of grasp or dim out with greater speed than it came. It takes discipline to retain success, that is what the writer of the proverb describes as “ruthless” in the passage above. A measure of ruthlessness is needed to sustain or scale up any kind of success. You have to be ruthless on yourself in terms of how you use time, manage resources, what you tell yourself, as well as how you interact with yourself and others.

Discipline must be your watchword if you want to sustain success; you cannot afford to do what everyone else is doing if such will not further your cause. You cannot live the way your friends live, think the way they think, say what they say and indulge in what they indulge. Successful people are usually hard on themselves and that transfers to the way they relate with others. They are not afraid to break out of the mould and be different. They are strict and disciplined because that is what it takes to sustain success.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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