Today’s is the second part of the how-to sustain anything and later success that we started yesterday.

Who being the brightness of his glory, and the express image of his person, and upholding all things by the word of his power… Hebrews 1:3

My unbelieving friends and I would talk for hours picking holes in some of the passages in the Bible, some Christian doctrines and the lifestyle of some Christians. I carried on like this for a while. But, sometime down the line, the gathering and the subject of our discussion started losing their lustre to me. I was getting disillusioned with it all, but I could not let go. I had to save face with my fellow iconoclasts and audience. I wasn’t ready to reconsider my stand on Jesus, but I was tired of criticising Him.

A part of me wanted to reach out to the Higher Being, but because I didn’t want to accept Jesus, I could not access God. So I found myself in a fix. My peace was gone, but I continued to talk. Needless to say that I had my worst academic result that year.

One evening in my hostel, during one of my readings, I saw a pictorial representation of the solar system in a pamphlet, and I was intrigued. In my secondary school, it’s either you choose Literature or Geography. I chose Literature over Geography, so I didn’t know much about the solar system beyond a passing mention. But, that night in my hostel, I didn’t just get to read about it, I also saw what the universe looks like, and I was awed!

I thought within myself, “So with all the billions of people on earth, plus the heavy-duty machines and mega structures all around, the earth still hangs IN SPACE with nothing holding it up or supporting it below, and it does not totter downward or out of its orbit!

Goodness! So the earth hangs on empty space without any visible support!

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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