Our meditation today shall be on tips to help you remain current as well as take sure steps in your daily endeavours.

Get wisdom! Get understanding! Do not forget, nor turn away from the words of my mouth.
– Proverbs 4:5

We are all products of our environments. And environment is not limited to physical location alone; much more than that, it includes our mental (the places we get the information we feed our mind), spiritual (the place(s) we go to for spiritual nourishment), career (factors affecting our discipline), business (industry and location of our commercial activities), as well as emotional (relationships) factors. All of these constitute our environment.

Being current about happenings and developments in your environments can be very beneficial. Apart from the fact that it portrays you as a smart person who is on top of his game, the information you garner will equally help you to make informed decisions or actions about aspects of your life that the information you have is relevant to, which will, hopefully, yield you good results.

To operate in the more popular environments, we rely on the mass media and informal sources for the information we need to plan our day, week, month, year and future. We source for information on the weather, stock market, investment opportunities, job openings, etc. and we launch into action based on our gleaning. When meteorologists say the weather is going to be foul, we plan to stay indoor; when stock analysts’ predictions are negative, we hold on to our money; when we learn that government is focusing on a particular sector of the economy, bankers and businesspeople invest there; and so on. These tell us the importance of information in keeping us current and helping us to take appropriate steps.

But, our quest for information should not be restricted to functioning in our physical and economic environment alone. Equal attention should be devoted to our mental, emotional and spiritual environments. As our reference Scripture charges, you must consciously seek wisdom and understanding. It is to the extent that we are informed in these other areas of life that we will perform as individuals as well as attain balance.

To be concluded tomorrow…

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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