Yet they did not obey or incline their ear, but followed the counsels and the dictates of their evil hearts, and went backward and not forward.
– Jeremiah 7:24

Obviously forward is a better course than backward. Forward suggests positives, progress, improvement, increase, etc, whilst backward connotes negatives, stagnancy, regression, and reduction. Everyone desires to move forward, but the truth is, not everyone progresses. The passage above offers us a unique insight on what factor causes one to regress in life, and, in binary, how one can make progress.

God said those who do not obey or incline their ears to Him, but who choose to follow the counsels of their hearts will go backward, not forward. Now, God doesn’t waste His words, nor does He talk just for the fun of it. He makes every of His word count, that is why the Psalmist says the word of God is forever settled in heaven. There is no tweaking or influencing what He has said.

Now, it is possible for someone to be violating divine instructions and still seems to be making progress in life. But wait, the word of God never fails. No matter what mileage the person might have covered in the race of life, it will only take a moment for the word of God to catch up with such a person and position him/her where he/she really belongs, backward.

Perhaps, some of the regressions we experience in life – in career, marriage, ministry, business, etc – might not have been orchestrated by the devil or our enemies after all. In the light of the passage above, some of our problems might just be self-inflicted. We architect our own misfortune by disregarding the instructions of God and following the dictates of our own hearts, or what the so-called experts say.

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It seems every time we disobey God, rather than making progress, we take some steps backward in the race of life. And the alarming thing is that such steps are not visible, otherwise we could have spotted our error and amend our ways. Therefore, the only lifeline we have to guarantee progress is to seek to know the whole counsel of God, as documented in the Bible, and apply them, because you can’t continue to disregard the wisdom of God and expect to move far. It doesn’t work.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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