This is the concluding part of the dew on how to dispel confusion and receive inspiration…

The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.
Psalm 119:130

Genesis 1 recounts that even whilst the earth was ‘dark and without form’ God spoke and light flooded the whole universe on the strength of His word. If His word could illuminate such massive space as we know the universe to be, and turned the formless mass into an identifiable entity, your issue is definitely no match for the aura of His word, if only you will make time to seek it.

The passage above also tells us that, in addition to clearing confusion and providing inspiration, God’s word also has the capacity to make a simpleton wise. No matter how dull or uninspiring a person may be, if he diligently studies the word of God and adheres to its teachings, his soul will be flooded with the light that always accompanies God’s word – the light of understanding.

This does not apply to the unintelligent alone. There may be aspects of life where we struggle because of our limited understanding. The word of God offers us a failure-proof lifeline. By making time to study it, we apprise ourselves of God’s will on various matters of life. And applying the counsel of God is demonstrating wisdom.

The extent you know of God’s word is the degree of His light you attract, while the degree of His light you attract is the extent of the understanding you can boast of. Furthermore, your demonstration of the understanding gleaned from the word on any issue ascribes wisdom to you, and makes you a star in the midst of others. That is why the Bible says the entrance of God’s word gives light, which in turn bestows understanding on the simple. Ensure you avail yourself of this light always.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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