How to Dispel Confusion and Receive Inspiration…

 The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.
– Psalm 119:130

Confusion is one of the phenomena we have to grapple with as humans. But its spell doesn’t have to last long, if you know what to do. Oftentimes, we are pressed for answers to various life twists and developments. At times, we can become so overwhelmed with situations that appear larger than life. Confusion can arise from societal, financial, marital, parental, career, business and other concerns; and the longer it stays unresolved, the more it preys on the mind. And once the mind is so belaboured, depression sets in; and as long as depression reigns, body carriage, personal performance and productivity are the first victims of a depressed mind.

Inspiration is the antidote to confusion. Just as light drives away darkness, the illumination of inspiration dispels the cloud of confusion and clears the fog of gloom. Environment is very vital to accessing inspiration. If the environment is not conducive, inspiration may not be so accessible. Environment, in this regard, can be physical or intangible, as in mental or emotional state.

The Bible is one of the most conducive environments for receiving inspiration; and there is no better source of inspiration than God. The passage above says the entrance of God’s word brings light. That means irrespective of the age or size of your darkness or confusion, once the word of God is brought to bear on it, the darkness will flee and the fog of confusion will thaw.

So, if you find yourself at a crossroad or in any kind of rut, let the word of God be your map. God’s word is the GPS that God has graciously provided to help you navigate your way from wherever you are to where you ought to be. Never set out without it, and if you get stuck do not hesitate to consult it.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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