A young man working in the army was constantly humiliated because he believed in God.

One day the commander decided to humiliate him before the troops. He called him and said: “Young man, take the key and go park the Jeep in front.”

The young soldier replied, “Sir, I cannot drive!”

The superior said, “Then ask for assistance from your God! Show us that He Exists!”

The young man took the key and walked to the vehicle, praying all the way. He started the car, and started to move hesitantly at first, and gently he began to move until he got to the place where the commander told him to park it.

As he parked the car and came out, he saw the commander and his colleagues all crying. Then they said, “We want to serve your God!”

The young soldier was astonished, he wanted to know what was going on? The commander was still busy sobbing, then he opened the hood of the jeep to reveal to the young man that the car had no engine.

Then the lad said, “See? This is the God I serve, the God who gives life to what does not exist.”

Perhaps, you may have concluded there are things that are still impossible in your life. The God of possibilities will show forth for you today.

— Author Unknown

Meditation: For with God nothing will be impossible. – Luke 1:37

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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