When the heavens are shut up and there is no rain because they have sinned against you…because you afflict them…
– 2 Chronicles 6: 26-27

Every farmer desires a good harvest. As he sows his seeds and painstakingly works his farmland, he eagerly awaits the rains to water the crops and, at the appointed time, produce a bountiful harvest as a reward for all his hard work. Imagine how he would feel if, after much toil and anxious waiting, drought comes, instead of rains, and blighted all his seeds?

The same analogy applies to us all. Every day, we put in various degrees of energy into our work and other pursuits, with the hope of getting rewards that will help us improve our lot. Our pursuits are like the seeds planted by the farmer, and the efforts we invest in getting anticipated results are similar to the farmer’s dutiful tilling of his farmyard to enable his seeds to produce good harvests.

Meanwhile, apart from the actual efforts of planting and tilling, planning and working, there are more to getting the desired harvest than our efforts. Just like the farmer doesn’t have control over the rain that is needed to enhance the germination and growth of his seed, which will then result in a good harvest, so do we have little control over the God’s factor that determines if our efforts are rewarded, as desired, or not.

It is that God’s factor, which the farmer needs to enhance his crops and the non-farmer needs to bless his pursuits, that is described in the passage above as “heavens”, which can either be shut to an adverse effect, or opened to one’s advantage. But, unlike the farmer who cannot influence rain, except to the extent his way is pleasing to God, we can influence the situation of our heavens to a large extent. We can contribute in no small measure to keeping our heavens open or shut.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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