Benefits of Wisdom (7): Increased Prudence

That He would show you the secrets of wisdom! For they would double your prudence. Job 11:6

Another benefit of wisdom is its ability to make you more prudent; or – to put it in the exact words of the Bible – it will double your prudence. The Dictionary defines prudence as ‘having good sense in dealing with practical matters’; ‘using good judgment to consider likely consequences and act accordingly’; and being ‘careful in managing resources.’

Those sounds like good character traits to have as you journey through the turns and twists, the highs and lows of daily living. The Bible says wisdom has the capacity to inject you with a double dosage of these qualities, thus availing you added savvy to deal with matters, increasing your good judgement plus decision making as well as enhancing your ability to manage resources.

By increasing your good judgment, wisdom gives you the advantage of being able to appraise issues and situations more realistically and accurately, such that making a decision afterward on what course to take is easier and your call will be on point.

In terms of dealing with matters, wisdom gives you the needed edge to be practical, forthright and effective in the way you handle routine and important matters. Wisdom helps you to be less sensational and more calculated in your approach to life. It makes your steps sure-footed and reduces your mistake ratio.

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Wisdom also helps you to be a better manager of resources, such as time, money, talent, yourself, people and other materials at your disposal. Your productivity level is directly proportional to your ability to optimally manage what resources you have. And that is a leverage that only wisdom can give you. The more reason you are encouraged to go all out for wisdom.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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