Benefits of Wisdom (6): Divine Favour

Only may the Lord give you wisdom and understanding…that you may keep the law of the Lord your God. 1 Chronicles 22:12

We are back to our series on the benefits of wisdom. As the passage above suggests, wisdom helps us to keep the law of God. Since violating the commands of God is regarded as folly, keeping His instructions thus becomes a function of wisdom. It is a smart man who seeks to know what the counsel of God is concerning any matter, and it is a wise man who keeps such counsel. Knowing what the Bible says alone does not benefit anyone, until such knowledge is transformed into action and reflects in the life of s/he who knows.

Keeping the instructions of God is one of the sure ways of being in His good book as well as attracting divine favour. And wisdom is a prerequisite in achieving this; therefore, we can infer that it takes wisdom to become a God-favoured person.

Anyone who wants to benefit from the benevolence of God must be committed to adhering to His commands. Wisdom is the requisite tool that will provide the impetus for anyone to actively seek the counsel of God and to keep them. If you are ignorant of the will of God or you struggle with keeping His commands, then you need wisdom. Wisdom is the missing link that transmutes ignorance to knowledge and connects knowledge to application, with fruitful results.

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You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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