Benefits of Wisdom (4): Prestige

When the people of Israel heard about King Solomon’s decision, they respected him very much. They saw he had wisdom from God to make the right decisions.1 Kings 3:28 (NCV)

As seen in this passage, one of the benefits of wisdom is that it also confers prestige on you, thus making people be in awe of you.

Solomon couldn’t have imagined the kind of reverence he commanded universally on account of his God-given wisdom when he prayed for an understanding heart to enable him to administer apt justice to God’s people. And that is the point; wisdom brings with it numerous values to the table than you can ever bargain for. That is why it is the most important possession.

Wisdom confers esteem on you, making you a much-respected person in the society. Wisdom doesn’t need to make noise to proclaim its presence. Rather, it is evidenced in the little routines of life – in your words, deeds, conducts, carriage, attitudes, comportment, and general way of doing things, among others. Solomon did not have to broadcast to anyone that he had been endowed with wisdom by God. But, people realised this in his words and disposition and they trooped from the uttermost parts of the earth in pilgrimage to sample his wisdom and pay him homage.

The Bible says people saw that he “had wisdom from God to make the right decisions.” It is hard enough to make decisions concerning daily routines; therefore anyone who is seen as always making the right call and hitting it right in little and major issues of life will naturally attract the attention of others and command their respect. Such a person will be presented with a platform to lead and influence, with the benefits that accrue from such in tow.

Therefore, instead of pursuing prestige, seek wisdom; it is all you need to earn esteem and dignity.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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