Benefits of Wisdom (3): Creative Genius

“And…I have put wisdom in the hearts of all the gifted artisans, that they may make all that I have commanded you.Exodus 31:6

Another benefit accruable from wisdom is the creative genius it avails you to create items of great value. The entrance of wisdom in the mix enhances your natural or acquired skills, thereby facilitating the creation of value in terms of product or service.

Wisdom offers you the ability to make witty inventions (Proverbs 8:12) and crafts that will solve specific human problems, foster better living, productivity or optimal performance. Most inventors have had to recourse to wisdom to create the inventions they are notable for today. The Wright brothers, Thomas Edison and George Washington Carver were renowned among historical figures whose scientific skills were accelerated by divine wisdom. Worthy of note was George Washington Carver, a humble slave who ended up becoming one of God’s great scientists. He was famous for discovering 500 agricultural inventions working from his laboratory which he called, “God’s Little Workshop.”

Apart from the creation of things, wisdom also enhances your performance in whatever you set out to do, such that you come out with excellent output and stand out from the pack. It was wisdom that God imparted to Bezalel, Aholiab and a number of other artisans who were asked to produce the intricate Tabernacle of Meeting as well as the Ark of Covenant. The results of their efforts were simply spectacular.

Wisdom is not peculiar to certain vocations; it is applicable in all fields of human endeavour. Therefore, rather than envying the person who is making wave in her career, or thinking about how to ditch your present line for a seemingly lucrative one, perhaps what you need to thrive is wisdom. In whatever you do, wisdom mixed with skills and concentrated hard work will always guarantee success.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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