Benefits of Wisdom (21): Enriched Soul

He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; He who keeps understanding will find good.Proverbs 19:8

In continuation of our long series on the multiple benefits of wisdom, here is another benefit that accrues to the wise. According to the passage above, wisdom does a world of good to the soul; and whoever goes out of his way to acquire wisdom inadvertently demonstrates love for his/her own soul. In other words, one of the ways to care for and nurture your soul is by becoming wise.

In one of our previous series on understanding the intricacies of the spirit, soul and body, we understood that the soul derives his nourishment from knowledge or information. And it is to the extent that one is exposed to information that her soul is developed for good or for evil – if you take in good information, your soul will aspire noble things, and if you take in negative knowledge, you will house a soul that pursues egregiousness.

Wisdom, which some describes as the application of knowledge, is, therefore, an insurance of the smart towards the development, nurturing, and blossoming of their soul. By committing to acquiring useful information and applying same where necessary in various spheres of life, you can have an enriched soul. By so doing, you also create an enabling environment for your soul to thrive and goad you in return toward good cause.

Wisdom, like candy, is sweet to your soul. And a soul that feels loved is the foundation of significance. Give your soul wisdom and you as well as generations after you will reap the benefits.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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