Benefits of Wisdom (18): Commendation

A man will be commended according to his wisdom, but he who is of a perverse heart will be despised.Proverbs 12:8

Another benefit of wisdom is the commendation it earns the one who has it. Wisdom attracts acclaim to the person who demonstrates it. Because wisdom is not commonplace, whoever conducts his/her activities by its tenets is easily identified and acknowledged by others, even though such person may not be popular at first.

Also, wisdom earns its possessor favours and business patronage, especially if such a person is in a service or advisory business where the offerings are not tangible. The degree of wisdom of the proponent of such a concern distinguishes her business from the rest in the same industry. As wisdom attracts acclaim to the person, so will his business be esteemed in the marketplace, as people will be willing to do business with her.

A reference case was King Solomon, who was not just universally acknowledged for his wisdom, but was also sought after by everyone that mattered during that period from all over the world. They all came in droves to be afforded the privilege of his presence and to sample his mental resources; and they didn’t come to him empty-handed. Even when it was obvious to all that none of them was as wealthy as Solomon was, they still went to him with their own riches so that they could have access to him. That is an example of the kind of patronage that wisdom attracts. It makes you a hotcake; it wins you acclaim and favours.

“The wisdom of the wise wins praise, but there is no respect for the stupid” (NCV).

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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