“All is in Divine Order and working perfectly even when it doesn’t at first glance look like it. Take this economic crisis — while it may not match our preferences for how we’d like it to be, it’s the perfect outcome to expect when you have a small number of egocentric people hungry for power and run by greed making the decisions and policies while everyone else casts a blind eye of ignorance and complacency.” – Brad Swift from meditation.

While this may be an interesting observation and thought process, how do we apply it to our everyday lives?

May I suggest the following:

1. Notice a time or situation that may not appear to be in Divine Order or that doesn’t match with your preferences. Maybe it’s something as simple as rushing around to get yourself to work, then walking out to the car only to find one of your tires is flat?

2. How, you might ask, could a flat tire that’s going to make you late for work be in Divine Order? And that’s exactly what I invite you to do — ask this question of your Inner Guidance. See if you can ask it, not from a place of upset and frustration but with an authentic sense of curiosity. “Wow, this sure doesn’t look or feel to be in Divine Order. So, I’m curious, how might this be in Divine Order?

3. Then be open to receiving input. As possible answers come, check in to see which feel most empowering, and don’t be surprised if there’s more than one, since often Divine Order has multiple ways of serving.

Here are some possible responses to the above scenario: “This is God’s not so subtle way to suggest I slow down and pay more attention. The car was pulling to that side yesterday on the drive home. If I hadn’t been in such a rush, I’d known to check the tires. “This is God suggesting to me to learn to be more comfortable in reaching out for support from others. I know I could still make it to work on time by simply calling Joe to swing by and pick me up.

Now, the question is, “will I allow another to support me like that?” “This is Divine intervention suggesting to me that today is not a day to work. That I’ve been putting in a lot of overtime and it’s time for a bit of rest and rejuvenation time. I’ll go inside and call AAA to have the tire fixed and take one personal day for me. This way, I’ll be much more effective in my work upon returning.”

Remember, to look for which responses feel right, and that appear to point you to the ‘greater good of all concerned.’ Follow that guidance and see where it leads.

By Dr. Brad Swift

Meditation: Return to your rest, O my soul, For the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.Psalm 116:7

You will succeed because Jesus loves You!

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