“All is in Divine Order and working perfectly even when it doesn’t at first glance look like it. Take this economic crisis — while it may not match our preferences for how we’d like it to be, it’s the perfect outcome to expect when you have a small number of egocentric people hungry for power and run by greed making the decisions and policies while everyone else casts a blind eye of ignorance and complacency.” – Brad Swift from meditation.

While participating in John Randolph Price’s 40 Day Prosperity Plan which includes meditating each day and then journaling, the above statement flowed from my pen. Upon reflecting on it later, it felt true and worthy of expanding upon. For years I’ve used the affirmation, “All is in Divine Order so I flow with what’s flowing,” especially during those times that it didn’t look or feel like Divine Order was present.

Now, I see that those times may have gone against the grain of my preferences, but were consistent with the thought and emotional patterns that preceded the times. And if we are not awake and aware, it is easy to perpetuate the undesired conditions through worry, doubt, fear, and lack-based thinking. The realization that “all is in Divine Order” is a perfect point from which to pivot to a new reality, perhaps even to a reality that is both in Divine Order and more consistent with our preferences, especially when those preferences are aligned with the greater good of all concerned.

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By Dr. Brad Swift

To be continued…

Meditation: Return to your rest, O my soul, For the Lord has dealt bountifully with you.Psalm 116:7

You will succeed because Jesus loves You!

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