A Foolproof Guide

Your word is a lamp to my feet. And a light to my path.

Psalm 119:105

Have you ever lost your way and had to agonize before you found the right path? Have you made a wrong choice, judgement or decision that resulted in unpleasant consequences? How did you feel then? Terrible, isn’t it?

Conversely, have you embarked on a journey to an unknown destination and got there without hassle? Or you made a choice/decision that proved an instant hit? You must have felt on top of the world then, and if such call was made in the presence of others, you would feel like a superstar!

Life is a journey in destinations, choices, and decisions. There is no living without any of these three. You can’t avoid them, no matter your age or status. Not having a destination you are aspiring in life is a journey to nowhere, while refusing to make a choice/decision is a choice/decision on its own.

There are so many things we don’t know or can’t see outside the present. Therefore, to make decisions and judgements about mundane or important life issues, we need a higher intelligence. We need the guidance of God Who has been around before any of us and has seen more of life than us. While we may not hear His voice every moment we need to make a decision, we can learn His thoughts on various matters by reading our Bible, so that when we need to make a decision on anything, we can draw from our knowledge of what He has said concerning such.

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The Bible is a foolproof guide for navigating the different curves of life. There is no better resource for dispelling the clouds of confusion and pointing at an unambiguous direction. Ensure you read it every day.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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