Here are five compelling reasons why you should help a wounded Christian:

(1) You show your value for their lives

Irrespective of tribe, race, nationality, socio-economic status, or accomplishment, all humans intrinsically dance to a kind of music. There is a cord that binds us together – the cord of a shared humanity.

All humans have built-in cravings for love, care, respect, dignity, connectedness, and belonging. When you help a wounded Christian, you demonstrate your belief in our shared humanity and your high value for human life.

I think the humanity of those who deliberately wound people who are already wounded, or who pass-up people who are wounded, should be re-examined; they may not be humans. They may be outright robots or robots in human casing!

(2) You believe their wounds shall heal

When you help a wounded Christian, your act of love makes a loud, epochal statement. The gesture says: “You shall battle back, bounce back, and get back to form.” Your magnanimity screams, “We all fall, but we get back up. A winner is a failure who got up.”

That’s the greatest painkiller that soothes their pain. That’s the most effective antiseptic that prevents their wound from getting worse. That’s the most potent medicine that speedily clots the blood. And that’s the most protective bandage that covers their wounds.

I have read about athletes who came back from severe injuries to win medals because their coaches, teammates, or families defiantly believed their wounds shall heal and went further to help them recuperate. What a comfort! What a blessed assurance!

(3) You store up healing for your wounds

None of us is omniscience. We don’t know what will befall us in the future. I don’t pray it rains on your parade. But doesn’t the Bible speak about ‘the evil day’ and warns those who think they stand to be careful lest they fall?

When you help a wounded Christian, you store up healing for wounds you’ve not yet sustained, which could come either from the enemy’s gunfire or from the cruel weapons of life. You pre-secure balm for yourself at a time in the future when you would need it the most. You accrue good deeds into an invisible trust fund. You make tangible deposits of goodwill into a tangible but unseen account. None of those good deeds is put in a row marked ‘Wasted.’ The Trustee – the shrewdest businessman – guards and secures these investments, and posts every act of kindness to an invisible account you would draw from at a needy time in the future. I pray you understand.

To continue…

— By Bryce Edem

Meditation: A bruised reed He will not break, And smoking flax He will not quench… – Matthew 12:20

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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