Drink, Steal, Swear & Lie

Drink, Steal, Swear & Lie

Drink, Steal, Swear & Lie

I met this guy while I was in Albuquerque and he has a motto he lives by every day. He said listen carefully and live by these four rules: Drink, Steal, Swear, and Lie. I was shaking my head ‘no’, but he then told me to listen while he explained his four rules. So here they are:

1.. “Drink” from the “everlasting cup” every day.

2.. “Steal” a moment to help someone that is in worse shape than you are.

3.. “Swear” that you will be a better person today than yesterday.

4.. And last, but not least, when you “lie” down at night, thank God for the blessing you received that helped you live through the day

I am not as good as I should be; I am not as good as I could be; but THANK GOD, I am better than I used to be.

– Author Unknown

Meditation: Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you. – 1 Timothy 4:16

You will succeed in Jesus’ Name!

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