The Danger of Comparison

The Danger of Comparison

The Danger of Comparison

A guy met one of his schoolmates several years after school and he could not believe his eyes; his friend was driving one of the latest sleek Mercedes Benz cars. He went home feeling awful and very disappointed in himself. He thought he was a failure. What he didn’t know was that his friend was a driver and had been sent on an errand with his boss’s car!

Rosemary nagged her husband always for not being romantic. She accused him of not getting down to open the car door for her as her friend Jane’s husband did when he dropped her off at work. What Rosemary didn’t know was that Jane’s husband’s car had a faulty door that could only be opened from the outside!

Sampson’s wife went to visit one of her longtime friends and was very troubled for seeing the three lovely kids of her friend playing around. Her problem was that she had only one child and have been struggling to conceive for the past five years. What she didn’t know was that only one of those kids was the biological child of her friend and he had sickle cell and had just a year left to live; the other two were adopted!

Life does not have a universal measuring tool; so create yours and use it. Looking at people and comparing yourself with them will not make you better, only bitter. If you know the sort of load the chameleon carries, you wouldn’t ask why it takes those gentle strides. So, enjoy what you have and be grateful for it. Not all that glitters is gold, everyone is going through one thing or the other, live and be happy with what you have.

Author Unknown

Meditation: we dare not class ourselves or compare ourselves with those who commend themselves. But they, measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise. – 2 Corinthians 10:12

You will succeed because Jesus loves You!

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