Don’t Shut Your Heavens! (Part 2)

Don’t Shut Your Heavens! (Part 2)

When the heavens are shut up and there is no rain because they have sinned against you…because you afflict them…

– 2 Chronicles 6: 26-27

When we are committed to God’s word and follow His instructions for life, we are influencing the perpetual opening of His heavens upon our heads. And we cannot but enjoy the blessings that flow down with His rain. However, when we choose to disobey the counsel of God, as expressly stated in His Word, we are by so doing shutting the heavens over our lives and limiting the rain of His blessings upon every area of our lives. It is the way we tend the farmyard of our souls that determines if we get our harvest or not. Simply put, sin shuts our heavens; righteous living opens them.

You might be doing everything right, yet not seeing results, could it be that you are doing yourself in by breaking God’s law? What if you don’t know that you are breaking His laws? That in itself is an offence, as we are all supposed to know the counsel of God concerning any matter since they are not far-fetched and are contained in the Bible. Deliberately making time to study the word will always prove to be one of the most productive uses of your time; whilst applying its tenets in your day-to-day living will set you apart as a wise person.

If you conduct yourself in such a manner that your physical qualifications match up with the spiritual, then you will have in your hands God’s undeniable blueprint for an open heaven. The principle of seedtime and harvest is ever applicable in our lives. We cannot sow seeds of corruption and expect open heaven, just as we cannot sow seeds of righteous living and experience a shut heaven. God is not unjust as to repay evil with good, or good with evil.

Whatever you do, make sure you don’t shut your heavens.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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