How to Maintain a Blameless Record

How to Maintain a Blameless Record

How can a young person live a pure life? By obeying your word.
Psalm 119:9 (NCV)

It is generally accepted that a good reputation is better than possessions. Although, some may not agree with this notion, the fact that God Himself thinks so underscores the importance of having a good name (Proverbs 22:1). In this jet age, it is even more expedient to maintain a good reputation, because information can be accessed on anyone at the click of the mouse; thus, making the name to precede the person.

Imagine how you would feel to be called for an interview in your dreamed organisation, or to come to sign a business deal you’ve long pursued, only to be denied at the last minute or even have your offer later withdrawn after your benefactor read the content of an email you sent some time ago or your comment on the social media. It can be very distressing. But that is one of the dynamics of the age we live in. Your name precedes you most of the times.

A good reputation is good, but it does not just come to anyone. Being born of reputable parents or coming from a family with a good name does not automatically confer good reputation on anyone either. It takes a series of personal discipline, wise choices and decisions to earn a good name. It doesn’t jump on anyone. If it does, there is a likelihood it will soon jump off in no time when the real person behind the name is revealed.

The passage above tells us how to maintain a blameless personal record. The Psalmist asks a seemingly rhetorical question about how one can live a pure life, and then proffers an answer almost immediately, saying, the only way one can do this is to obey the word of God. That is the tip to having a name that you will be proud to answer both on earth and in heaven.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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