Reasons Prayers are Not Answered (2)

Reasons Prayers are Not Answered (2)

Catch us the foxes, the little foxes that spoil the vines…
– Song of Solomon 2:15

b) Not Knowing the Required Principles:

The second way ignorance robs us of our breakthroughs is by not knowing the appropriate thing to do to get what we want. We have often heard that God operates by principles. And, truly, the Bible is replete with passages that hinge the attainment of certain blessing on the fulfillment of one condition or another. These are indicators of what it takes to get such blessings.

For instance, someone who desires financial prosperity may not attain it by prayer and fasting alone. That is like taking soporifics to cure stomach ache. The Bible is very clear on what it takes to be financially prosperous; it is by giving and adhering to the counsel of God.

Another example is someone who desires power (the ability to control or influence happenings both in the spiritual and the physical), but who is not given to constant fasting and praying, such person is only deluding himself. She may not have it; no matter how great she can sing, give or how committed she may be in the church. The list of “what to do” to get specific “what” is endless.

That is why it is good for us to be devoted to studying our Bible; for, apart from the primary benefit of availing us the knowledge of God, it also contains all the instructions we need for life as well as the relevant principles needed to obtain various good things we desire in life. But most people don’t seem to know this, which is why they use the wrong approach to achieve the right end, and thereby end up not getting the desired result.

The Bible says in Hosea 4:14c “people who do not understand will be trampled.” Ignorance is the major cause of most of our sufferings.

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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