The Old Man

The Old Man

There was a poor old man who has a young boy and a beautiful white horse. Everybody in the town admires the horse. The king offered him a big amount of money to buy the horse but he said to him; “STOP! This horse is neither just an animal nor a product for sale but a person and A GREAT FRIEND to me!”

One day, one morning, the horse disappeared from the stable into thin air. The villagers gathered and jeered at him saying; oh foolish old man, you refused to sell the horse at a bigger price but now tell us, of what benefit is it to you now? But he said, “STOP! Do not say that the horse was stolen but is not in the stable. You don’t know if it is my misfortune or a blessing to me!”

After 15 days, the horse came back with nine beautiful wild horses. The villagers again came and said; “Wow! You are right! It was a blessing indeed to you.” But the old man said; “STOP! You do not know if the homecoming with wild horses are plague or blessing to me!”

The old man’s boy started to raise the 10 horses but one very bad day, the son fall from one of the horses and broke his two legs. The villagers came again saying; “Oh no! It’s indeed a plague that the horse brought to you. Your only son is crippled and you are now old. He replied, “STOP for crying out loud! You don’t know if his cripple is of great benefit to me or a bad luck!”

Ten days later, war broke out and all the young men in the village got conscripted into the army except the crippled old man’s boy. The villagers said; “Hmmm Old man! Why is it that you’re always right! Looking at the situation at hand, we are going to lose the war and our children will not come back but yours is here with you.” But he replied; “STOOOOOOP! Do not say that your sons got conscripted but were drafted to war. Fear not, for you do not know if the war will be a great honour to us or a disgrace.”

The villagers once again went home wondering the kind of man he is. They said; “Oh God! Since we became intelligent enough, we have not come across such an intelligent, wise and courageous man!”

The old man later became so rich and wealthy, and the villagers had reasons to admire him more as his 10 horses gave birth to more and more beautiful horses such that he had a very large stable of horses and other animals.

– Author Unknown

Meditation: In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

You will succeed in Jesus Name!

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